Member Spotlight: Lotus Tea Bar & Studio

There is something beautiful about walking around the city with a camera

Lotus Tea Bar & Studio, located at 710 SE Fidalgo Ave, Ste 102, offers a unique blend of loose leaf tea bar, sandwich shop, and yoga studio.

What do you want Oak Harbor residents and visitors to know most about your company?
Lotus is a place to enjoy and relax practicing yoga or just enjoying a cup of loose leaf tea. There are over 100+ loose leaf teas to choose from. Healthy sandwiches, soup and salads are also offered for a very affordable price. Four days a week we offer a half sandwich cup of soup combo for only $4.95. We also deliver and cater.

Our yoga classes have trained instructors that focus on movement disorders and other conditions. We offer beginners classes, Gentle classes, yoga for everyBODY, monthly workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

What makes your business unique in Oak Harbor?
It has been mentioned that Lotus is the Best Little Kept Secret in town. Everyone is welcome and can stay as long as they like. Everyone knows each other and is welcoming of new patrons. The regulars come in everyday of the week.

If you could go back, would you do anything differently? If so, what and why?
When I first opened 8 years ago, I would do annual contests such as, best cookie contest, best chili, or best pie. I also had monthly craft nights, poetry nights and game nights. I would do that again but it got so busy and I did not have enough help.

What is the nicest thing a customer ever said about you or your business/products/services?
Customers are always thanking me for making them feel welcome or modifying/customizing their food order to their needs.

I’m honored for having yoga members who have stayed as members since I’ve opened 8 years ago.

If you had an extra $100,000 in your business, what would you use it for?
If I had that much extra money, I would buy the building I’m in. Update the look of the building and the whole street (since it’s small) so it can be a quaint destination place. Fill it up with plants and flowers and big enough awnings so tables and chairs can be available for people. Put bigger signs on Pioneer pointing towards Fidalgo.


Check out Lotus Tea Bar at 710 SE Fidalgo Ave, Ste 102 or visit them on Facebook!

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